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We help you search the best flight from hundreds of airlines

  • Enter your requirements and hit search, then compare a huge range of flight deals from many leading low-cost and traditional airlines, simply choose the best deal and you’ll be transferred to our site to make your booking.
  • Just tell us where and when you want to go whether you’re after a last-minute flight or planning for your next big break. Within seconds (a wink of an eye), Airlines Ticket Corporationpowerful search powers will deliver the best flights for your searching.
  • Click on the filter tool to choose the time you want to fly, the price, cabin type and whether you want to go direct or make a change along the way, we’ll then show you cheap direct flights, as well as journeys with multiple airlines (you might get an even bigger bargain this way). 
  • We try to bring customers the quality products and services quickly, conveniently and safely. 

Lowest airfare guarantee

  • We provide our services at the low fee and no hidden charges.

Cost - effective pricing

  • We’re dedicated to saving your money. Your booking with our service allows you to find the best value flight option for your needs, from economy seats with low-cost airlines to business and first-class travel on luxury aircraft.

Money back guarantee

  • Most bookings are automated, we can only cancel and fully refund unprocessed bookings if you have not pay for it yet. If the airline(s) has already confirmed your booking and your payment already is processed, then their terms and conditions will be applicable to your booking. They often may apply a non-cancellable policy, especially low-cost airlines.
  • If your booking has been already confirmed, you can contact our Customer Support Team via +1 917 397 7487 and then we will find out your cancellation and refund options from the airline(s).

Instant E-Ticket

  • You will receive your e-ticket by e-mail in 30 minutes to 2 hours after you have paid for your booking.
  • Besides, you can get the list of reasonable E-tickets in the 30 minutes, if you choose to GET A QUOTE from our website.

It's stress-free

  • Our service is secure, free and easy to use - We compare flight deals from wide ranges of airlines so you don’t have to, ensuring you never pay more than necessary. We provide our services at low fee, no hidden charges. We strive to keep our operating costs low so we can deliver quality flight services at very reasonable prices.

Deals that will make you dance

  • The joy of travel begins right here, right now, when you find a flight price that makes you feel like dancing.
  • We help you find the cheapest flights on the net so that you can tango in Tenerife, hop to the New York beat or dance the night away under a full moon in Thailand...
  • Wherever you want to jet to, you can take off for less when you use Airlines Ticket Corporationto book the flight to Europe, Australia, the USA, the Caribbean or any other global destination.

Live support 24/7

  • We have the processes and expertises to solve your flight's problems, help you reduce the time and gain competitive advantage. Our call center provides worldwide 24/7 service to assist in unforeseen situations.
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Why choose us?