How do I request special assistance or wheelchair assistance ?

What is special assistance?

Airlines and airports may provide assistance for the elderly, unaccompanied minors or people with disabilities. 

Special assistance can also help with re-checking baggage during layovers. It is a good idea to request priority boarding to ensure that passengers in need of special assistance are allowed to board the plane and stow their cabin baggage first with help from the airline staff.

Guide dogs are usually allowed in the cabin if we inform the airline(s) in advance and if they have their pet passport or veterinary certificate. The number of guide dogs per flight may be limited so it is best to let us know your requirement as soon as possible.

If you need to bring your own wheelchair or if you have any visual, hearing or other impairment, please make a note of this so that we can organise the appropriate assistance for you. Depending on which airlines you are travelling, equipments may be different and there may be extra fee for some special equipments.

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