What is a one-way ticket and can I book one ?

A one-way ticket will take you to your destination only and will not bring you back to where you departed from. You may book a one-way trip if it is offered by the airline, however if you are a not a citizen of the country you are traveling to you may need additional documentation in order to be permitted entry into the county. Some countries will not allow you to travel without a return ticket, others require you to have proof that you have sufficient funds to live there and will want to know when you are planning on leaving. It is your responsibility to check with that country's' consulate or embassy for specific details.

Airlines Ticket Corporationwill not be held responsible if you purchase a one-way ticket and do not have necessary documentation to enter the country or are denied boarding by the airline.

* Invalid From City / Airport Code.
* Invalid To City / Airport Code.


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