What is the difference between single payment and two-step payment ?

The advantage of the two-step payment on our website:

  • One more checking your information: First Name, Last Name, Passport Number, Expiry Date…
  • Changing your information without  charge before making  the second payment. 
  • Changing your flight schedule before making  payment for the second step.

Please take a look at the comparison table between Two - Step Payment and Single Payment for more details:

Two - Step Payment Single Payment
  • Ensure all the provided information correct before processing ticket.
  • Change all information without any charges.
  • Get more limitation time for holding ticket ( except low cost or instant tickets)
  • Change flight schedule before finishing the booking.
  • Receive assistances from CS team in time for every step.
  • Impossible to double-check your information.
  • Surcharges might be applicable for any changes.
  • Unable to change flight schedule after processing.

* Invalid From City / Airport Code.
* Invalid To City / Airport Code.


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