What is the Taxes and Fees ?

The price to be paid of total usually includes all the taxes and fees as below:

  • Base Fare: The ticket bare fare without any surcharge.
  • Taxes and carrier-imposed Fees: Including airport charges (depending on departure/arrival airports), government taxes and fees (depending on departure/arrival country), and carrier-imposed surcharges (depending on which airlines you fly).
  • Total Fare - base fare plus airport charges, government taxes and fees, and carrier imposed surcharges - this is the total price you have to pay.

Taxes and fees are subject to change as required by law or exchange rate if collected in a foreign currency. Full fare price, including all applicable taxes and fees, must be paid at the time of purchase. Some taxes and fees not collected on the e-ticket (for example, a departure tax collected at an airport payable directly to a government official) must be paid directly to the relevant authority, so it is important to keep some cash when you check in at the airport.

* Invalid From City / Airport Code.
* Invalid To City / Airport Code.


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