Airfares And Payment Process

Airfare Instructions

There are Two Steps for payment to get Airfare on our website.

The advantage of the two-step payment on our website:

  • One more checking your information: First Name, Last Name, Passport Number, Expiry Date…
  • Changing your information without  charge before making  the second payment. 
  • Changing your flight schedule before making  payment for the second step.

Please take a look at the comparison table between Two - Step Payment and Single Payment for more details:

Two - Step Payment Single Payment
  • Ensure all the provided information correct before processing ticket.
  • Change all information without any charges.
  • Get more limitation time for holding ticket ( except low cost or instant tickets)
  • Change flight schedule before finishing the booking.
  • Receive assistances from CS team in time for every step.
  • Impossible to double-check your information.
  • Surcharges might be applicable for any changes.
  • Unable to change flight schedule after processing.

1. Deposit Payment For Hold Ticket

  • After you search on our website, displayed price for Main Airline Base Fare.
  • Main Airline Base Fare is original price before Government and Airport fee are added. Some fares, such as ones to international destinations, may increase significantly from the base fare when additional Government and Airport fees are added.
  • After you pay the deposit, if you want to change the passenger’s details or itinerary. We will change without charge for you.


Type Of Fee
First Payment
Hold Ticket
55% of Grand Total

After you make payment deposit, we need to get some documents to verify your payment (Verification Payment Guideline).

2. Complete Payment For Issue Ticket

  • After you make payment successful for deposit. We will send notification email to you to make payment for second step to issue your E-Ticket.
  • If you use the same payment method when you pay for the first payment, you don’t need to verify the payment again.


Type Of Fee
Secondary Payment
Issue Ticket
45% of Grand Total

After we collected all information, we will issue E-Ticket to you.


  • Grand Total is price of E-Ticket after you finish payment include Airline Base Fare, Services Charge, Government and Airport Fees.
  • Customers need to pay 2 steps to get the E-Ticket.
  • When you finish to make payment for deposit, your ticket is held and waiting for second payment to issue your E-Ticket.
  • However, some LCC Airline cannot hold E-Ticket and must be process immediately.
  • Airfares change regularly and each fare has specific terms and conditions set by the airline such as refund and cancellation rules which affect to the price. Fares are not guaranteed until Airlines Ticket Corporationconfirms your booking and payment is made in full.